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 Profile Creation Rules

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Profile Creation Rules Empty
PostSubject: Profile Creation Rules   Profile Creation Rules Icon_minitimeThu May 07, 2009 4:53 pm

How to Create A Profile

The Following is the Template:

Name:Your Name
Age: Could be Fake
Brawler Alignment: (Good Evil or Neutral)
Appearance: (The Appearance of Your Brawler)
Story:(Whats The Story behind Your Character)

Main Bakugan:You Should List three
Sub Bakugan: Must Have 5

Bakugan Trap: Only One

Ability Cards: You Could Put 30 Ability Cards
Gate Cards: You Could Put 10

Reason for Other Elements:(This is up to you, why you have other attribute cards)

There Are Limit on G

Ultimate Bakugan May Reach

Bakugans Can be Used:

Ultimate DrAGonoid
Alpha Hydranoid

The Others Are Given Only to Persons Who Have Permissions

- Infinity Wyvern 750g
The Six Warriors: 700g

THe Evolved Bakugans Could Reach 600g

Normal Bakugans Could Only Reach 500g

In Profile Creating.

A Person Must Seperate the G by 30

Then Wait for the Administrator Incharge of Approving Profiles

Depend on One Attribute , No Dual Profiles or Having Profiles over 1 Profiles
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Profile Creation Rules
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