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 Gate Card List 2.0

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Gate Card List 2.0 Empty
PostSubject: Gate Card List 2.0   Gate Card List 2.0 Icon_minitimeFri May 08, 2009 6:29 pm

Gate Card List

Character Card --> It Doubles the G of your bakugan ..Any bakugan you choose can be used as the character cards' power bonus. If you play a bakugan on this card and the same card opens with its name stated, that bakugan may double its G power level.

Bio Haverd--> It Changes Preyas Back to its original Attribute

Attribute Field-->Call the attribute for this gate card, every bakugan of the same attirbute gains 100 Gs while on this card

Switch back-->preyus changes his attribute back to the original attribute

Energy Merge-->takes 100gs from the opponents bakugan and gives it to you

Intercept-->Shoot in another bakugan and combine power levels with your original bakugan. The Opponent 's Bakugan Cant Attack

Level Down--> Decrease your opponent's bakugan's power level by 100 Gs If it is Over 400g (But Here in Our Forums, Level Down's Power Will Take Effect if the opponent 's G is over 600g)

QuickSand Freeze-->it forces the bakugan to stay on that gate card, and trapped.. Cant Attack

Positive Delta--> if the opponents bakugan has an attribute of pyrus aquos or haos they loose 200 gs but if the opponents bakugan has an attribute of darkus sub terra or ventus then u loose 200 gs

Third JudgMent--> You Are Able to Play Another Bakugan But Only One Bakugan Will Stay On that Card..

Grand Spirit--> it gives u 50 times the amount of gate cards are out, Including the gate card..

Scapegoat--> Decide whether the battle on a certain Gate Card should continue or not, call "Continue" or "Stop".

Double Battle--> Both Players Are Forced to throw Bakugan on the battle

Wall Lock--> Neutralize your opponent's active Ability card.

Triple Battle--> Allows You To THrow Another Bakugan

Revive--> the person that wins the battle on the gate card gets 2 bakugan back or if u have 2 bakugan on that gate card then u get 2 bakugan back

Trade Off--> If your opponent's bakugan has 400 Gs or higher in power, you automatically defeat it.(But Here in Our Forums, Trade off's Power Will Take Effect if the opponent 's G is over 600g)

Super Pyrus--> it Switch The G Power Levels, Gate Card Cannot Be Negated

Pyrus--> Switches Both G Power levels..

Peace Maker--> Return all bakugan on this Gate Card back to their owners

Magma Fuse Card--> it resets all the gate cards and all bakugan go back to the owner

Reloaded--> Increase your bakugan on this Gate Card by 100 Gs for every bakugan you have on the battlefield.

Reloaded v2--> u can take 100 gs from any bakugan on the battle field

Preyus Rampage--> Preyus Gs double but it cannot change attribute while its on this open card.

Reload--> The user regains all there abillities back including their sp abillity card.

Hyper Merge--> takes 200gs from the opponents bakugan and gives it to you..Cannot Be Negated

Attributed Gate Cards

Joker's Wild-->If there is a Darkus attributed bakugan on this Gate Card, it wins automatically. If there are two Darkus bakugan on this Gate Card, continue the round without Gate Card effects.

Subterra Reactor --> it Gives Subterra Bakugan 400g

Pyrus Reactor --> It Gives Pyrus Bakugan 150g

Haos Reactor --> it gives haos bakugan by 100g

Ventus Reactor --> it Gives Ventus Bakugan By 300g

Warp Gate- > Move Bakugans to Another Gate

Accelerator -> Only Aquos And SUbterra Ability Can be Used While you are on this card no matter what attribute you are

Forcement Wind-The Ventus Bakugan Got Also the Same G of the Ventus Opponent

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Gate Card List 2.0
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