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 Role Playing Rules

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PostSubject: Role Playing Rules   Tue May 12, 2009 2:15 am

In case of any guidance contact turboace@ymail.com~Ace~

Roleplaying Rules, Must Follow

1. Especially Follow the Rules

♥️, Follow the Rules So The Staff Would Have No Problems In you

2.No Inapproriate Language or Discussion

♥️You Must Know About A Category in Bakugan R.P.G, And A Forum it Held
You Must Know What is the Talk on that Forum, You Must Come in your Senses

3.No Insulting, FLaming , Bashing Other Peoples

♥️Bakugan R.P.G Forums needs Respect, We Know that Respect is What Keeping Peace on a Forum

♥️Posting a distasteful or inappropriate message directed at another user or another person is disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Show some courtesy, and refrain from saying anything of the sort in the first place

♥️If a user is harassing or insulting you, please contact a Moderator or Administrator about it immediately. If the insult took place over a Private Message (PM), please contact an Administrator about it, and include the URL to the Private Message! If the harassment or insult took place on another Forum, or in an instant messenger client, there is unfortunately nothing we can do, because it did not occur on the Bakugan RPG and we can not prove that the harassment even took place.

4.No Posting, Linking, Redirecting or promoting offensive, inappropriate, or illegal activities!

♥️ Being a Forum where anyone is able to post freely, without prior validation, it is important to make sure that this rule is followed. No offensive, inappropriate, or illegal activities should be discussed, promoted, linked to, or encouraged on these Forums!

♥️Posting any form of scrub, images or links, will result in a full account and IP ban, removing your ability to ever visit the Forums again. There are minors on this Forum that do not need to be exposed to such material. Your IP address will be logged and your ISP will be informed of your posting scrub material to minors, resulting in either removal of your internet connection or possibly further legal action.

5.No Spamming, Flooding, or Disruptive Posting

♥️Spamming, which is the act of repeatedly posting pointless messages for the sole purpose of gaining points of post count, is not tolerated here. Please, when you post, make sure that your post is:
+ On-topic with the theme of the topic
+ Longer than 3 words
+ Not annoying
+ Not for the sole purpose of earning posts or points

♥️"Flooding" is the act of posting numerous new topics (instead of just replies) in any given Forum, each serving little point of purpose. Doing this is disruptive to the Forums, as it pushes down all of the legitimate topics to the next page or so. If you have numerous questions you'd like to ask or points you'd like to bring up, please do so in one topic instead of 10. There is no point to "flood" a Forum with numerous topics. If you do such a thing, you will receive a Demerit for flooding.

6.No Advertising

♥️Advertising is not Disabled , But Advertising Should Be On Place Like Signature

7.This is An International Forum

♥️English is our Primary Language,
Bakuganroleplay is Based in GMT +8 , In Perth, But Alot of VIsitors From Across the World Visit These Site

8.DOnt Give Out Any Personal Information

♥️To Keep Safe, Do Not Give Any Personal Information Including Address, And Some Information that COuld Be Harmful to you in the future


♥️You Are Responsible for your Account And We Dont Care if youre Hacked Outside this Bakugan R.P.G.But we will still help you to trace out who did it if u culd provide us with sufficent evidence

10. Have Fun

The Only Rule is have Fun And Follow those Rules

How to Battle

1.Post your Topic, It is up to you for the title And the Place Where to Put it, But Only in Brawling Area

2.Actually, it's not a real game such a video game, it's a Roleplay! by posting something. So we won't be having any graphics here, only your imagination can help you.

3.Players Can Use 3 Bakugans From Their Profile, And Ability Cards, All Must Be in your Profile

4.Each player decides who goes first or second, if not then the younger should go first.

5.Then Setting A Card Like this:
Gate Card Set,

6.Then you throw your Bakugan to the field on a Gate Card, remember to state which Gate Card your Bakugan is landing on and saying its G and its attribute. If you do not this causes a lot of confusion for the other players.

7.A battle will only happen if 2 or more opposing Bakugans are on the same Gate Card or you have a card that will attack from a distance. The Bakugan with the highest G wins, unless your Gate Cards or Ability Cards got anything to say about it. If the power level G are the same, it's a draw, then both Bakugans go back to their arsenal.

8. Look At Brawling Rules for More Information

9.1 Ability per Round,but 3 if you have 1 Special Ability And 1 Fusion.In a whole game u are not allowed to use more than 3 abilities (including fusion and special)

10. If A Player Loses 3 Of His Bakugan, The Game Ends

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PostSubject: kewl   Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:23 pm

ok im positive i can follow the rules without flaw
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PostSubject: Re: Role Playing Rules   Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:00 pm

Ghood Razz
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Vexos Leader
Vexos Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Role Playing Rules   Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:15 pm

Sylves, I dont approve of you remaking the rules, they're fine as they are, it doesn't matter if they're copied, they are still good rules
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PostSubject: Re: Role Playing Rules   Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:16 pm

Ghoodh Rules Smile
This is Better than the Old
I Layk EeT
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mira clay

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PostSubject: Re: Role Playing Rules   Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:30 pm

cool rules
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PostSubject: Re: Role Playing Rules   Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:40 pm

does any body know how to get money here Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Role Playing Rules   

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Role Playing Rules
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