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 Hazelle's Profile

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PostSubject: Hazelle's Profile   Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:23 pm

Gender: Female
Brawler Alignment (Good, Evil or Neutral): Neutral
Likes: Sniping, Camping,
Dislikes: Losers
Physical Appearance: She Has Blue Hair With Flawless White Skin And Having White/Blue Jacket Closed with Red Mini Short And White /Red Boots
Background: She Lived In The Hacienda of Storm Family, He had Brother Alias StormX Or Adams, With her Innocent Young Twin Brother/Sister Mini And Sid , It Was Burned Where they All Lost in different Places, Now Hazelle Found A bakugan That Would Help Her Find Her Brothers And Sisters
Bakugan Attribute:Aquos
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Hazelle's Profile
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