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 Clerih's Cards

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PostSubject: Clerih's Cards   Clerih's Cards Icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2009 7:45 pm

Certain Bakugan Cards:
Balloon Wave( Wyvern): Increases G by 200
Purple Tornado(Naga): Increases G by 200
Feather Stinger(Storm Skyress): Increasses G by 300 And Blocks the Gate
Grand Heat - Volcanic Flare(Ultimate Dragonoid): Divide's the Opponents G by 2
Heating Golem(Hammer Gorem): Switches G
Prey Slash(Preyas): Decreases Opponent By 200g , (Works on The 2 Evolved Preyas)
Meteor Fang(Blade Tigrerra): Nullify Last 2 Abilities And Opponent Cant Use 2 Abilities, Loses 200g
Flash And Plus Extreme(Alpha Hydranoid): Increases G by 200 and opponent cant use abilities this turn, Can Move Opponent
Dragonic Dive(Infinity Wyvern): Increases G by 400 and Opponent Lose 400g
Silent Energy(Silent Naga): Reduces Opponent G to 0

Special Ability:
Fake Card: Play Only On the Activation of Opponent's Gate Card, It Switches the Gate to Battle Sham And Apply the Effect of the Battle Sham Gate. Aftermath, You Cant Use Any Abilities for this turn
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PostSubject: Re: Clerih's Cards   Clerih's Cards Icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2009 7:37 pm

Sorry but these cards will take the battle out of hand will completely cut down the competition between the brawlers therefore i do not aceept these
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Clerih's Cards
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