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 mira clay

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mira clay

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PostSubject: mira clay   Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:02 pm

Name:mira clay
Age: 13
Brawler Alignment:(Good
Appearance: ?

Main Bakugan:•Wilda: 550G ,•Gorem450 g,•dark neo dragonoid 700g
Sub Bakugan: Preyus 450G ,Robotallian400g,Hammersaur 400G ,•Anchosaurus 400G
,Fear Ripper 450 g
Bakugan Trap: Scorpion:400G

Ability Cards: Volcanic Hammer,Volcanic Hammer,Volcanic Hammer,g power boast,Desert Thunder,Magma Providence,Vestoroia X,Darkus X,Ventus X,Haos X,Aquos X,Subterra X
Gate Cards: Quartet Battle,G Power Boost Card,,charator card,charator card,charator card,Subterra Reactor,Triple Battle,Double Battle,Double Battle,Double Battle
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mira clay
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