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 A summary of my roleplaying series, as promised.... Read it and tell me what you think!

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A summary of my roleplaying series, as promised.... Read it and tell me what you think! Empty
PostSubject: A summary of my roleplaying series, as promised.... Read it and tell me what you think!   A summary of my roleplaying series, as promised.... Read it and tell me what you think! Icon_minitimeThu Feb 17, 2011 3:39 am

First of all, a character list, in no particular order. This list is basically my current collection of Bakugan and cards. The cards really don't play any part in the series at all; they're just platforms for the Bakugan to stand on. Every time I get a new Bakugan, which isn't very often, it will become a new character.

Bakugan List

Darkus Percival: A mysterious Bakugan who was sealed on a Gate card for eons of time by the Bakugan Council. Later in the series (SPOILER ALERT!! SKIP THIS IF YOU LIKE SUSPENSE!!) it is discovered that he is a human somehow changed into a Bakugan. He has a dark, hidden past in the human world, and so he fled to Vestroia. somehow during the transfer he was transformed. It would take too long to explain everything he did, but.... I'll do it sometime later. Somehow, later in the series, he gains the power to control the minds of other Bakugan.... To all those who willingly come to him, he will simply control them, but for a strong-willed mind like one of the Council member or Drago, he has to subdue them by combat first. When he controls the mind of Drago, a Council member, or anyone else who resists him, it causes the subject extreme pain....

The Bakugan Council Members:

*Please note that the Bakugan Council is also updated when I receive a new Bakugan. The Council' original members were: Haos Lars Lion, Pyrus-and-Haos Appolineer, Darkus Exedra, Aquos Oberus, Ventus Preyas Angelo/Diablo, and Subterra Wilda. As you can see, there are basically six members of the council, representing each attribute. Each member is basically the Bakugan in my collection with the strongest G-Power of that attribute. For instance, my new Darkus Rubanoid has 920 (!!!) Gs, so when I introduce him to the story, he might become the newest Darkus Council member if he doesn't join Percival. Please note that I don't have Clayf or Frosch, so whenever I gather the Six Soldiers, they are excluded. The premise for this in the story is that they're away doing research.

The current council members are:
Pyrus: Pyrus Motra 720Gs
Aquos: Aquos translucent Brontes 620Gs
Haos: Haos Lars Lion 640Gs
Darkus: Um.... Since I haven't introduced Rubanoid yet, it's Darkus Hades 720 Gs
Ventus: Ventus Preyas Angelo/Diablo with Angelo the stronger at 640 Gs
Subterra: Subterra Wilda 700Gs

Percival's gang:
These are the Bakugan who joined him freely. They are all previous members of the Bakugan council.

Subterra Blitzoid: Yes, I know that's a lame name, but I checked and he's actually Midnight Percival. I didn't want to deal with all the complications that would create in the series, so I officially renamed him.

Aquos Lars Lion: The sister of the Haos Council member. She and her sister Are called the two Lars Lions or the Lars Lion sisters when together. Their temperaments are radically different; Haos is kind and sweet, while Aquos chose Percival and power. Aquos hates her sister and fights with her at every opportunity.

Ventus Exedra: The brother of Darkus Exedra. He was Percival's partner of sorts in the beginning. A swift fighter, when in Percival's service he was a spy for him on the Bakugan Council, having been trusted by everyone.

The Trap Trio: Haos Zoack, Subterra Baliton, and Pyrus Metalfencer. Metalfencer is basically the leader. They are all extremely powerful and can use combo attacks when battling together. They are hardly ever apart and can take down almost any normal opponent. Metalfencer has blades that extend out of his body when in a dire situation, allowing him to perform any one of five "Blade Dances." These dances are insanely powerful combo moves that he can use to devastate an opponent. He only uses this power when there's no other way out. The Trap Trio were once hardened criminals, but then they came to their senses and became allies of the Council. There tempers then mellowed out quite a bit and they became more good-natured, although they can still be a bit irritable at times, Metalfencer in particular. Zoack is the least irritable, while Baliton stand somewhere in the middle.

The Darkus Duo: Darkus Hades and Darkus Alpha Hydranoid. These two Darkus Bakugan, like Exedra, are not the stereotypical bad guys; they're the good guys. Such good friends they're practically brothers, these two are a formidable match for any opponent. Both very kind and good-natured, these two are well-liked and respected. They're also very loyal to each other. THEY AREN'T IN LOVE. DON"T GET ANY IDEAS.

Haos Monarus and Haos Wormquake: These two are interesting. Monarus is a very famous and powerful warrior and healer. She took Wormquake as an apprentice. They live in solitude on the peak of Dimensional Mountain in Vestroia. Wormquake was never a really powerful warrior; he's trained up with Monarus now, so he's probably a decent battler, but he rarely fights. After Wormquake became her apprentice, he learned that he was destined to become the next controller of the Dimensional cloud, for his predecessor has died a few months before. The Dimensional Cloud is basically a white, cloud/light-like portal sort of thing that allows you to travel anywhere in Vestroia. You just step into the cloud and poof! Unfortunately, without the controller with you, you'll simply be thrown out somewhere, and probably have amnesia. So you can only make safe journeys with the controller; that's another reason why Monarus and Wormquake live together.


And that's about it! I'll have to continue this later.... I have homework to do, and other stuff. So.... Wait eagerly for the next installment!
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A summary of my roleplaying series, as promised.... Read it and tell me what you think! Empty
PostSubject: Re: A summary of my roleplaying series, as promised.... Read it and tell me what you think!   A summary of my roleplaying series, as promised.... Read it and tell me what you think! Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 3:31 pm

Kewl, but what about skyress, tigrerra, Drago, ect?
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A summary of my roleplaying series, as promised.... Read it and tell me what you think!
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