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 Leeann Kazami

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PostSubject: Leeann Kazami   Leeann Kazami Icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2012 12:26 pm

Name: Leeann Kazami
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Brawler Alignment: Good
Appearence: Long Black Hair, Sky blue eyes, Bell bottom jeans, green and white nike shoes, Green T-Shirt
Story: Shun's daughter
Main Bakugan: Ventus Storm Skyress(450gs), Ventus Hawktor(500gs), Master Ingram(600gs)
Sub Bakugan: Ventus Shadow Wing(350gs), Ventus Ravenoid(380gs), Ventus Ravenoid(380gs), Ventus Monarus(330gs), Ventus Falconeer(340gs)
Bakugan Trap: Hylash(350gs)
Ability Cards: Blow away, Scarlet Twister, Back draft, Storm Breaker, Solar blixis, Disguising Tornado, Whirlwind lightening storm(storm skyress) Valiant Fang-Green Destruction(storm skyress), Storm Stinger(storm skyress)
Gate Cards: Attribute Field, Energy merge, Triple Battle, Reload, Ventus Reactor, Forcement Wind[b]
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Leeann Kazami
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